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The world's first slackline app!*********************************************************● New service Slackline Place Start!(2014/11/20)*********************************************************
● This app is intended for everyone.
· Future SlacklinersRecently, you might have heard of slacklining, but what the heck is it? What kind of person does it? Where can I try it? This app can help you answer those questions.
・Beginning SlacklinersYou’ve started slacklining, but you don’t know where to go from here. Even if all you can do is stand on the line … or not even that, this app can help guide you in your training. Feel the thrill of slacklining even from the beginning.
・Experienced SlacklinersMaybe you want to fine-tune your skills and you’d like to see how a trick is done. This app can help you with that with loads of recorded tricks. It will help you perfect your tricks and perform different combos! Once you’ve perfected your style, you won’t be able to stop!
● DescriptionIn Slackline Tricknotes, you have quick access to slackline trick videos on YouTube. Tricks are divided into the following categories:
※ We plan to add more categories and tricks in future updates.
For Future Slackliners, we recommend that you start from the BEGINNER categoryFor Beginning Slackliners, we recommend that you start from the DROP KNEE trick in the STATIC categoryOf course, these are just our recommendations. Please feel free to explore the app and try out any of the tricks that you find exciting.
● OtherIf you come across any broken video links, please contact us.
●Corresponding AndroidVersion・Android 2.3.1 or more